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Sunday Night SHOWCASE 



           Sunday January 25, 2015

            from 7-11pm, with your host; . . .

                       Tahiem Nipper!




                    Dee's Cafe & Lounge         

                 (Formerly BF's Lounge)

                       283 Hywy 138

                       Riverdale, GA


Open-Mic poetry showcasing the best local and visiting poetic, lyrical, and vocal performers you've ever seen. Once you experience it, you'll KNOW why I push it so hard . . . it's simply awesome!!! Admission is FREE, parking is FREE, and last I checked; you can't beat FREE!!! Come through and share, support, or just listen. We'd love to have you

  . . .see ya there! ;)

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                    GIVE US OUR DUE by TAHIEM NIPPER



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    The Double Feature of 'Hair" & "New York, New York"   



       "The Calm After the Storm"

(Dedicated in memorandum of my Grandma)   




      Excerpt from one of Tah's speaking engagements



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Daily excerpt fr. "Round the Way Girl" -100 Portrayals through Poetry(pg.102)

 'Her walk is mean

her waist is lean

Hourglasses pale in comparison

dam, won't chu tell me what chu got in them jeans?

Your calves subtle and delicate

your thighs as curvaceous as kidney beans

You must be from uptown, strong-Island or the Bronx

I must be trippin'; a hottie like you could ONLY be from Queens'

  Hello Family


 I appreciate the fact that you took the time to view both my work and this website. Time is a commodity that is very valuable to each and every one of us, I trust that you will feel as if you've have chosen to invest yours very wisely. This website currently features both '100 Portrayals through Poetry' (a collection of 100 original poems) AND 'Tantrum Timmy' (a fully illustrated character building children's book), with many more future projects to follow. Please feel free to browse the website and give any feedback; positive, negative or indifferent, as well as any suggestions. This website contains ten(10) pages, the tabs for each page are located at the top of this page. There are daily book excerpts(above), and original poems and video (left side of this page) as well. To schedule or book me for an event, click on the 'Contact Me' tab located at the top of the page. also contains upcoming scheduled events, such as book signings and speaking engagements to commence in the not-too-distant future. If you are interested in purchasing, there are several ways which you can do so; On this website's webstore via secure PayPal checkout (or link on the left of this page marked 'Featured Products'), & also from,,, or  100 Portrayals through Poetry is also available locally at Medu Book Store in Greenbriar mall, 2841 Greenbriar Pkwy, Atlanta 30331, Chadis Books & More, 1189 Euclid Avenue(off of Moreland Avenue), Atlanta, GA 30307 & @ Nubian Bookstore in Southlake Mall. Please do me the honor of signing the Guestbook prior to exiting this application. Thank you in advance for all of your support. Love, peace and God Bless always

                                                                              . . . .Big Tah                                                                                                                                                                                                            


'Tantrum Timmy' has been Published!!!
The long awaited character building children's book that I've been working on, alongside illustrator Chenelle Simms, has finally been published and will be made available just in time for the holidays. This book targets an audience of preschool age children 2-6, but its message is relative for children of all ages. I thank you all for your support and encouragement, it is what propelled and compelled me to move forward with additional literary projects. I would appreciate your support of this project, I think that you will find that it will Bless your child, and your entire family. All purchases made on this website are always via secure PayPal checkout. To God be the Glory!!!
Southwest Fulton Cultural Arts Center Book Fair a TREMENDOUS success!!!
I was a featured author at this event on Saturday December 10th. I was one of 12 individuals, out of 150, selected to read excerpts from their book. I read "Two lil' babies of a Dope fiend Mama", "I Love Music", "pARENTS jUST dON'T uNDERSTAND", "Punctuation is NO Friend of Poetry", & "A letter to a friend" to rousing ovations, it was truly a great day. There was a huge networking base, supportive staff members, and a host of patrons in tow eager to support the arts. I was able to sell quite a few copies of '100 Portrayals through Poetry', AND I received a LOT of advance orders for 'Tantrum Timmy' as well. To God be the glory!!! If you have yet to purchase your copy, they are the lowest they have ever been. No time like the present! Thanx to all who came out to support me, I appreciate chu!!
New York, New York!!!!!
It was all that I thought it would be! '100 Portrayals through Poetry' finally got an opportunity to come home, and neither it, nor its Author, will soon forget the outpouring of love displayed on May 13th. From now on, Friday the 13th will forever be synonymous with triumph, joy and jubilation! It was a Blessed event, and the 3rd of 4 book signings in which all of my books were SOLD OUT!!! To God be the glory! Thank you to all who made it possible, and who have contributed to the success of '100'. A special thank you to my brother Kareem, who allowed me to use his Subway store (featured bottom left) as a venue for this lovely occasion . . . good lookin' 'Reem!! Stay tuned all, the best is yet to come!!!
Trip out West a SUCCESS!!!!!
Hello fam, I am happy to report that my trip out to Seattle & Tacoma, Washington was a huge success. I was able to make what I anticipate will be many valuable lifetime contacts through networking and received some VERY positive feedback from those who listened to me recite roughly 20 of the 100 poems from 100 Portrayals through Poetry. I am grateful to Ms. Jordan and Mrs. Fortson for facilitating the introduction of '100' to the Northwest region of the country. Additionally, I was so well received that I have been extended a tentative offer to return to speak at the commencement ceremony in June(I'll keep you all posted). A New York Book Signing & that Childrens' book that I've promised you are also on the horizon, to been finalized very soon . . . stay tuned!! Thank God for the opportunities and for the Blessings, thank you all for your continued support - Peace!

What a Blessing it truly was to have all those loving, supportive people come out to help me celebrate my first ever book signing. . . and a celebration it was!! Thank you to all that took the time to assist in formulating a memory that will last as long as God grants me the gift of recollection. THANK YOU!! 

Through the grace of God†, '100' is getting the exposure it deserves

  It gives me great pleasure to announce that 100 Portrayals through Poetry is now available through every major on-line book retailer that you can think of. Barnes and Noble. . . check, Borders. . . check, Books a million. . . check, FlipCart. . . check, Amazon. . . check. But, as they say, that's not all; 100 Portrayals through Poetry is now available for special order at over 700 Barnes and Noble stores nationally. WOW!!! Quite simply, this means that everyone, regardless of hang-ups, preferences, internet access, or preferred method of payment now have a myriad of different ways to obtain a copy of this book. Pick up your copy today! Praise God, and thank you ALL for making this possible.

You're Invited to the Book signing!!!

That's right! As a matter of fact. . . everyone is! Every copy of '100 Portrayals through Poetry' purchased from this website gets signed personally by the author. Why leave your house to get your book autographed if you don't have to. Order now while supplies last. It is always my sincere honor and privilege to sign a copy of my book, as I've been told "It personalizes the entire experience". My pen is at the ready, waiting on you.


Tahiem's words used as weapons to fight against illiteracy

This goes beyond personal gratification, accolades, or monetary gain. THIS, is for a cause! On July 16th, 2010 I was notified of my essays' inclusion in the volume entitled 'Why we wrote', a project devoted as part of a national campaign to combat illiteracy. The project is close to my heart because so many people in this country are restricted by the boundaries of illiteracy. Anyone who has ever read, knows how alternate existences are brought forth to life through the imagination sparked by literary material. Imagine a world without that possibility. Unfortunately, there are millions who need not imagine this scenario. . . they live it! 'Why we wrote' may not eradicate the problem, but it is a step in the right direction. All proceeds from this project are donated to this campaign. I do not currently have these volumes for sale on my website, but anyone interested in helping this cause need only leave me a message. I'm so elated to be part of a CAUSE, thank God!


On May 24th, 2010 '100 Portrayals through Poetry' was awarded the honor of being named a top 10 book selection on my publishers' website. Moreover, not only was my book chosen as a top 10 selection, it was chosen by Publish America's Chief Editor as the NUMBER 1 book! High praise indeed. I am humbled and honored to receive such recognition for this project. All Glory to God

Sometimes in life, you just need to enjoy the view!